Monday, 11 April 2016

A Short Domain Name Always Wins in SEO

While there are numerous rules for choosing the right domain names, very few people give importance to length. In this regard, internet marketers advise on using the short versions for several reasons.


A domain name that contains over 3 words is most likely to be spelt wrong by a potential visitor. It will also be difficult to call your domain to mind in SERPs. Someone who has visited your site may find it difficult to tell others about it if he or she cannot recall its domain name. Short domain names fit excellently on print and social media too.

Easy to Type

It's practically hard to type a short domain name wrongly. Make sure that you do not have to spell it out to potential clients as this is an indication that you have it all wrong. Mobile users, especially appreciate short domain names because they offer convenience.

Keyword Use

While it may seem that a long domain name will allow you to place several keywords in it, that move only violates the above two requirements. Google views such acts as domain keyword stuffing, and will often take actions to ensure that such a domain does not rank better than their competitors.

Overall, speak to an internet marketing specialist about a short domain name. Remember that delaying unnecessarily is inadvisable since the demand for short domain names is very high: you might get that what you have in mind is already in use by a competitor.

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