Saturday, 15 November 2014

Making the Pub Stand Out Online

Every city in Britain has some sort of a pub to provide all manner of drinks to customers; you may have hung out with your friends at a couple of places right in Bristol. If you’ve decided to go into pub entrepreneurship, secured all necessary paperwork, and prepped a venue for operations, you still need to adequately market it in many ways. Using search engine optimisation, or SEO, is one such option.
Keep It Localised
If your pub has an associated website for it, some experts recommend using local SEO services to make it appear when users type phrases into a search engine. This involves submitting your business’ location details to a search engine’s directories; the search engine will then pinpoint the location on a map. You’ll have to be creative with the keywords you’ll use for the bar, starting, perhaps, with embedding the keyword in popular catchphrases or landmarks.

For example, if your pub is located in Ashley Down, mix your main keyword with important landmarks like “pubs near Bristol County Ground” or “Longmead Avenue bars” if your place is indeed located on that street.
Going online is also a chance to showcase your pub’s offerings and services to a diverse audience through quality pictures. You can start with shots of the fa├žade and interior. Some action pictures of patrons at night also work.

Promoting your bar online, especially when you market to a certain audience, will make a difference. Are you ready to take that leap?  

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