Sunday, 16 October 2016

Advantages of Working with a Professional Digital Marketing Agency

The competition for getting as much consumers nowadays has shifted from simply attracting foot traffic to getting as much virtual traffic on the Internet. This change in medium can be attributed to the development of online and mobile technology. The important concern that businesses should be worrying about, therefore, is whether or not they are ready to take on the battle in the online realm.

Unfortunately, many businesses miss out on the vast opportunities accorded by the worldwide web in terms of reaching and expanding target markets, simply because they refuse to familiarise themselves with the technology.

This is not an excuse that can be tolerated, however, especially if you are keen on seeing your business fly and succeed over the competition. Here are some simple steps for you to make the most out of the virtual business landscape, with the help of a digital marketing agency in Bristol. Read more on this article:


Monday, 3 October 2016

Three More SEO Metrics to Monitor

Any digital marketing agency will advise you to track different metrics in order to measure how effective your internet marketing efforts are. You’re probably already familiar with a few important ones like search traffic by keywords, backlinks and the like, but you may be overlooking some. If you want a campaign to more successful, it helps to cover all the bases. Here are three more SEO metrics you should also monitor.