Thursday, 12 February 2015

Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

While it’s undeniable that search engine optimization is continually changing and developing for the better, some business websites still commit these common mistakes that are detrimental to their SEO campaign. Ultimately, these mistakes can be categorized into three, and red flags should be raised if you website is guilty of at least one of them.

Posting Duplicate Content

Publishing the exact same content on every page in your website can greatly affect your site’s search engine results page ranking. Although it’s generally fine to use blocks of content that repeat from page to page, such as calls to action and forms, you should ensure that the bulk of the page is unique. To know if your website contains duplicate content, you can use Google’s Webmaster Tools to detect duplicate page titles and the like.

Keyword Over-Optimization

Building links is an important factor for raising your website’s rankings, yet it wouldn’t do to use the same primary keyword anchor in almost every link in directories and the like. This would make Google flag your website for spamming, and so devaluate and lower your ranking.

Automated Link Building

Link building is perhaps one of the most difficult factors in an SEO campaign, yet you can be assured that you can outperform your competitors with an effective link building strategy. If you’ve encountered an advert promising links in exchange for a few pounds, never even engage in those: ultimately, there’s no shortcut in SEO, and such quick fixes will only hurt your campaign.

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