Monday, 3 October 2016

Three More SEO Metrics to Monitor

Any digital marketing agency will advise you to track different metrics in order to measure how effective your internet marketing efforts are. You’re probably already familiar with a few important ones like search traffic by keywords, backlinks and the like, but you may be overlooking some. If you want a campaign to more successful, it helps to cover all the bases. Here are three more SEO metrics you should also monitor.

1. Time On-Page

How long does the average consumer spend on your page before they decide to move along? If they leave within seconds, they might not be getting what they need from your website. Knowing the exact numbers can help you determine if you need to add more elements or features to keep visitors engaged longer.

2. Traffic by Device

You will also be able to create a more targeted approach if you know what platforms your potential customers are using nowadays. Do your users favor desktops or mobile devices when shopping around? It is said that buyers on these different platforms can have varying experiences, which is why you should optimize correctly for each.

3. Search Engine Crawl Rate

Likewise, you need to learn how fast search engines like Google can crawl your site. SEO campaigns are more effective when web pages are better at link building and attracting relevant inbound traffic. It’s also recommended to optimize the website to create a better experience for the user through means like speeding up load times. Setting goals for your campaign will help you determine which metrics are crucial to track. This way, you can see areas that need improvement.

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