Monday, 27 April 2015

SEO in Food Blogs

Food blogs are often the best venues for people to post their thoughts about a new restaurant they’ve just visited or to catalogue the recipes they’re whipping up in the kitchen. A good number of bloggers from the U.K. focus on such gastronomic topics, and are perhaps members of the U.K. Food Bloggers Association.
If you are running your own food blog and aim for a modest slice of the readership pie, search engine optimisation would be a good way to achieve that share. Here are a number of SEO methods to help your food blog gain extra online leverage.
Fresh Content
The content you post in your blog must be “served fresh,” so to speak. This means you should be able to write quality articles in a good space of time and have the proper keywords inserted. Search engines may favour blogs whose articles are roughly 1,500 words or less, and there are keywords placed in the title and sparsely in the body text.
Tasty Pictures
Nothing whets people’s appetite more than a well-cooked, aromatic dish – more specifically, pictures of a well-cooked, aromatic dish. Take the time to photograph a dish from different angles for maximum effect. Before you upload them, make their filenames more descriptive to help search engines account for them in image results. Add a watermark to further establish authorship rights to the image.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Using Bristol SEO Methods to Market a Commission-Build Model Business

Building scale models can be one of the most engaging hobbies you can consider doing in your spare time. There often lies the possibility that a scale modeller who’s developed their craft to high standards may want to parlay that skill into an income-generating opportunity and is now entertaining assignments. In a guest entry for Craft Blog U.K., Fran Swaine said there are ways to have your scale modelling skills be recognised and for your projects to garner good press, preferably through search engine optimisation (SEO).