Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Local SEO Basics for Better Search Results

Establishing a successful SEO campaign for any business is tricky enough. When it comes to ensuring savvy local SEO practices for highly competitive markets, things can become even more daunting. Here's a few ways to improve your search rankings with some savvy local SEO tactics.

Keep It Simple

It's important to maintain a level of uniqueness, but never complicate content and your marketing with obscure search terms and branding. Keep your content simple and user-friendly, taking into account emerging factors like voice search that are increasingly important to how people search for suppliers and services online.

Don't Neglect Social Networks

Just because your site reads well and ranks highly doesn't mean you should neglect your social media platforms. Strike up new business with potential customers, target potential partners and establish yourself as a real online presence.

Quality Content Sells

When marketing yourself online, quality content needs to be at the forefront of everything, including your local SEO strategy. Potential customers need to feel confident in your service offering from start to finish, so your content and online presence needs to be consistently high-quality, every step of the line. If you're relying on click-throughs and your site is self-service, don't give potential customers and clients any reason to abandon their online journey with you.

Whether you're overhauling your current site, or beginning to market yourself from scratch, the basics of local SEO marketing can't be ignored if you're serious about establishing a noticeable presence online.

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