Tuesday, 29 March 2016

How URL Structure Influences SEO

The structure of URLs is one source of constant debate, but the truth is it does have an effect on search engine optimisation. SEO-friendly URLs do exist. When optimising your site for better rankings, consider the impact that the URL structure will have. Particular elements will influence how search engine spiders find and index URLs.


Relevance is an essential factor when coming up with the URL of a site. It helps when users can gather a clue of what your site is about from the URL. Relevance makes it easier for search engines to recognise a URL.

Keyword Use

Having keywords in URLs can also improve your site’s SEO. Keyword use can be tricky when optimising a site and the URL is one place where it can bring in the traffic you seek.


The use of hyphens in URLs is another feature that will impact SEO. Underscore use was common in the old days but now hyphens are more tolerable. Hyphens are suitable when you have phrases that require separation.

Clean URLs

Keeping URLs clean is also paramount. The use of punctuation marks, numbers and symbols can make a URL appear untidy. It is not only confusing to users but to search engines as well.

Take a keen look at your website to see if you need to rewrite the URLs. Simplicity will go a long way in making it SEO-friendly. Hire professionals that will provide the right expertise in creating appropriate URLs.

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