Monday, 3 August 2015

Why Local SEO Is Important

The introduction of Google’s Pigeon algorithm update last year has made local SEO even more important. But are there real, tangible merits to investing in local SEO in the first place? As a matter of fact, there are, and here are just a few of them.

It’s All About Mobile
An estimated 60 percent of all searches made on Google are done using mobile devices, which means that people searching for a business are on the move, within the target area, and actively looking for an establishment to do business with. Local SEO helps companies take advantage of this situation so that they could easily be found.

Mobile Users Tend To Act Quickly
Since mobile’s nature is portability, it makes great sense to believe that mobile users tend to act quickly while going about their business. According to stats from Google itself, about 50 percent of mobile searches lead to an actual store visit within 24 hours, and that 18 percent of these mobile searches end up in a sale.

Google Favouritism
There is bias in the search engine world, and Google is a massive perpetrator. Over the years, the search giant has been known to lean with newer, smaller, more agile businesses which are local in nature. And while a number of its favourable ranking involves brand history and authority, Google has also been known to give the people what they want in terms of ranking popular brands which are nimble in nature.

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